"Lisa is AMAZING! I have known her for a few years, and recently started working with her when I was diagnosed with diabetes. She has helped me in so many ways. Not only to eat better; but to feel better, and tackle this illness with a vengeance. In the 2 months she has worked with me, my sugar readings have gone from 300 (highest) down to 88 (lowest), and I have lost 18.4 pounds.

She has been my lifeline! ANY time I have ever needed her, she's been there. Even with her busy life! I have never had to wait long for her to answer a question I had, or give support when I was in dire need. She has helped with recipes, and things to help benefit me. I can send her a recipe, and she will change it up to where it is diabetic friendly.
Saying that Lisa is amazing is an understatement! Phenomenal, brilliant, astonishing, miraculous would be more of the words that come to mind when describing her.
Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for everything you do for my family, and I. You have truly been a life saver!"

"Lisa has been a life saver. She’s so knowledgeable about nutrition and overall wellness. I thought I understood labels, clean eating and making good choices until I met her and learned the truth. She’s helpful, listens with a non judgmental heart, and really cares about her clients. I’ve lost weight but more importantly, I feel better and am healthier. I can’t say enough great things about her program. She’s the best."  -KAW

"It's everything it's advertised to be and more!!!!" -SP

"Several years ago I was having health problems that were not improving with what my doctors were prescribing me. After antibiotics and several other mediations, and months of misery, I reached out to Lisa to see if she knew of anything natural to recommend to me. What she recommended literally changed my life. I went from being miserable everyday to my health problem disappearing. I started having health problems again this year and knew I had to start seeing Lisa. After the first visit I knew she was the perfect fit for me. She is willing to tailor my plan around my health issues. She is easy to work with and is available literally 24/7 with any questions you might have. I was shocked when I received a text of a video of her showing how to make a certain recipe. Its embarrassing how little I know about cooking, so the video was extremely helpful and convenient! I finally feel like I can take control of my health. Lisa goes above and beyond and I’m so excited to continue my journey with her!" -KS

"We have been working with Lisa for a month. Life. Changing. In one month we have adopted a new lifestyle which I truly believe will extend our lives. Not only will we live longer, but we will be healthier during this time. I have made these lifestyle changes without the goal to lose weight--and have lost 10 pounds!!!! I cannot wait until our next meeting. I always feel so energized and optimistic! And her communication in between our meetings has been unbelievable. My only regret is I didn't find her sooner. Worth much more than what she charges. My husband is even in board!!!" -MC