Dream it, Wish it, Let's do it.

This journey began for me 15 years ago with the birth of my medically fragile daughter. After western medicine had surgically saved her life, I was left with a sick child who needed not only to recover from surgery but the medicine and toxins she received over the several years she was hospitalized. I sought help through Eastern/functional medicine and was able to reduce her prescription drugs, from 22 to just 2, over a course of 18 months simply using food and homeopathic techniques to reduce stress. When she was diagnosed as Celiac, I realized that food can be your poison as well as your medicine. My journey with her health was intense and lead me to become certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, the world's largest online nutrition school. There are thousands of years of Eastern medicine to catch up on and I never ever put my Eastern medicine books down. My education will continue for my lifetime. 

Previously, I was a dancer and a competitive runner. I've worked with children and adults teaching both dance and Pilates. I have a son, Benjamin, and a daughter Madison. Integrative Nutrition isn't something I do, it's a lifestyle, and it's something I want to teach everyone I meet so that they can have optimal health and happiness. I believe that given the right opportunities,  your body WILL heal itself!

                  The goal of Kitchen Counter Intelligence  is to educate you on how to improve every single aspect of your family's health. We want to share information in an easy to understand, simple to follow manner so that you feel empowered to make positive lifestyle changes. Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the house, but we believe the kitchen also the epicenter of wellness.

Your peak mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is my number one goal. When one rung of the ladder is missing, we can't continue to climb, so this program treats all of you with education, not fad diets, shakes or pills. What food you put into your mouth is one of the most valuable freedoms you have. Your health, and your life, depends on your choices. I will be available to you each and every day during the program to guide you and hold you accountable until new habits are formed and you are ready to fly! When you know better, you do better, finally...you are better.

We accept cash, check, credit cards and HSA forms of payment.