**We accept HSA (Health Savings Account) payments.**

Integrative Nutrition Program $900.00 for 6 months or $1,800.00 for 12 months

This all inclusive 6 or 12 month program offers you a complete and thorough health  history as well as two, one on one sessions each month. In each session we will discuss whole health wellness to maximize your nutritional, spiritual, career and physical fitness and relationship goals.  We will touch base weekly to add goals and discuss progress & changes. Even better, I am available to you 24/7/365 for questions, or help in between sessions. My programs are based on Bio-individuality,  which means that each program is designed specifically for the person we are treating. No two programs are the same because no two clients are the same. This program has no shakes, no pills, no products, nothing but education, encouragement, accountability and inspiration. Our focus is proper nutrition and personal growth, not the next "fad". This program teaches you how to manage a healthy lifestyle eating what you like, in the culture you are living in, and with the people you love. There will be zero deprivation and you will  develop a new healthy relationship with your body. The 12 month program offers the Supermarkets School and Pantry Clean out INCLUDED!That's a $350.00 savings

**Now available via SKYPE from anywhere you are**

**SUPERMARKET SCHOOL is INCLUDED in the 12 month program only, but can be purchased piece meal if you do the 6 month program.

**PANTRY MAKEOVER is INCLUDED in the 12 month program only, but can be purchased piece meal if you do the 6 month program. 

**PRIVATE SUPPORT FB GROUP is INCLUDED in the 6 and  12 month program.

Supermarket School (grocery store walk through w/ coach) $165.00 

(allow at least 2 hours for this educational experience)

*An amazing opportunity for a one on one, personal shopping trip to the grocery store of your choice, focusing on better nutritional choices, a medically prescribed diet such as gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, or any other topic you’d like to address while shopping  with an integrative nutritionist. I will educate you on what to buy and why, as well as offer tips and ideas on how to save money and make cooking fun, healthy and convenient. Everything is catered to YOUR bio-individual needs. Bring paper and pen...you're gonna need it!

**Supermarket school is automatically included in the 12 month program.

Pantry Makeover $150.00

Invite me in to go through your pantry and refrigerator with you while we discuss what works and what doesn't work for you, and most importantly... why.  I will ask what motivated you to purchase something and using that information (price, taste, convenience, etc) discuss replacements that are better for you and your family! This is based on your specific diet, budget, culture and tastes, and works in great in conjunction with our Supermarket School program.

(**PANTRY MAKEOVER is automatically included in the 12 month program.)
Public Speaking

(Price varies by venue)

Small group or large, children or adults, everyone has something to learn about how we can be healthier! I love nothing more than to expand the minds and ideas of people looking inward to find the root cause before we have to go to the doctor looking for the “cure.” Let me teach how we can use the FARMacy before the PHARmacy.  Specific lectures focused on your groups needs are welcomed. I’m ready!

Accountability and Life Coaching

$900 for 6 months, $1,650.00 12 months

This program is for those who need support, encouragement and a plan of action on a daily basis to find success. Together we will set goals, implement plans and follow through as a team to make sure there is no option but to succeed! Life has no handbook and sometimes all you need is a little perspective, a sounding board, some great ideas and someone you have to answer to to keep you motivated and driven. Some of the greatest success stories of our time have life/accountability coaches helping them behind the scenes. I am available to you twice per month face to face, but 24/7/365 via phone, email and text. So whether its career, nutrition, relationships, spirituality, physical training, stopping old habits-or starting new ones that you need me for, I am here for you. Together, we will get you where you want to be!

*Cash, Check, Credit card and HSA payments accepted.

What we offer you:

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